"Windshield Insurance Glass Claim"Using Insurance for Auto Glass Claims

A great way to save some money when looking to replace your windshield is using your insurance for claims.  Why spend possibly hundreds of dollars when all you have to do is pay for the deductible.  One of the benefits of using insurance for auto glass replacement is that it might not raise your rates.

At Auto Glass of Lewisville, we will handle all the paperwork for you so you’re not bothered with it.  In some cases, our auto glass shop will even discount the amount deductible you actually pay. With Auto Glass of Lewisville being a Preferred vendor for most Insurance companies it makes the process that much easier.

Reminders when making a glass claim:

  • An auto glass claim should not raise your deductible since it’s considered no fault
  • You have the legal right to choose any glass shop you want, and at Auto Glass of Lewisville we use OEM  or OEM equivalent automobile glass materials
  • Remember it’s your choice what auto glass company you use
  • You only pay your comprehensive deductible
  • Chip repairs are no cost to you, insurance companies would rather waive the deductible then pay for a new windshield installation

Call Auto Glass of Lewisville today for convenient, affordable and timely windshield repair.  We offer same day auto glass service in most cases, and if we can’t get the windshield that day we will gladly schedule an appointment the following day.

You can call us at 214-865-6058.

Windshield Insurance Claims For Auto Glass Replacement